Four Star Wire and Cable's FCAT6AS-TACT for rugged use on or off the tour.


The FCAT6AS-TACT Ethernet cable is a high-quality product designed to perform well in the toughest of conditions while still providing reliable results. It has extra protection to ensure durability without compromising the solid conductor wires of 23 AWG. The cable features individually wrapped mylar-coated twisted pairs, a foil shield with a drain wire, and a thick rubber coating.

When coupled with a strong reel, the FCAT6AS-TACT is an ideal choice for touring and can withstand even the most challenging conditions. These fully shielded cables are popular among those who require extra protection without sacrificing flexibility.

Our customers can trust the durability and reliability of FCAT6AS-TACT cables, as they have been tested and proven to perform exceptionally well in harsh environments. If you need a cable that can withstand challenging conditions while providing optimal performance, the FCAT6AS-TACT is a great choice.

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